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Here’s what you need to know:

  • Your team should have between 5 to 9 members.
  • You can have up additional members if they are 12 years old or younger.
  • Each team must have a “coach” (18 years or over) who is responsible for communicating with GLDC and reporting team stats (bags and hours collected) to GLDC after each clean-up
  • You must register your team with GLDC by providing a team name, the coach’s contact information, and a roster of all the team members’ names and t-shirt sizes.

Individuals who want to participate but don’t have a full team can participate as ‘free agents.’

To register your team or to become a Linden Litter League sponsor, submit the registration form below.

2016 Results

19 registered teams

1,006 documented volunteer hours

1,014 bags of litter collected

8.5 tons of tires collected

Start warming up for Linden Litter League 2017
Third Saturday of the month from May through August
9:00am - noon

Linden Litter League - The Competition

Linden Litter League - Registration Form

(Click inside the shaded boxes and beginning typing your registration form.)

The 2016 Linden Litter League season was a success!

Get ready to join

us in 2017 

Contact GLDC at


for details.

Captain NamesTeam Names

Shirley Buttrum

​Errin Teben

​Gregory McKinney

Stu Hampton
William Butler
Benita C.Walter

Baffoa Baffoe-Essilfie
Philip Floyd 
Chris Zeidner
Tina Barrett 
Monica Payton

Kittie Pugh
Debra Franklin

Mildred Smith
Rosemary Foster-Munnerlyn
Alice Ferguson

Samantha Simpson
donna Hicho
Erin Elder

20th Ave Trash Masters 

A Mixed Bag

Believer Be Leaders
Center of Encouragement
Community Circle

Hope City
Glorious Crew 
Linden Life
Litterary Leaders
Magic Elements LLC

New Walk C.O.G.I.C. 

North Linden Community Watch
Rubbage Busters 
Sisters of Empowerment

The Renegades
Tired Out 
YOP Shop